Dog Laser Therapy, Exciting Results – Part II

Dog Laser Therapy,
What Happened to Dixie?  –  Part II

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Dog laser therapy
, in Dixie’s case has been very encouraging from the beginning.  Here’s the story in brief—a team of veterinarians, determined very early Monday morning, March 11, 2012, that Dixie, my son and daughter-in-law’s dachshund had Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD)—she had “gone down” in her rear quarters.  They had told Stephen and Mary, who live in High Point, North Carolina, to keep her medicated and in her cage until her doctor could see her as soon as his office would open later Monday morning.  They had advised that she would probably need surgery within 48 hours in order to prevent total and inoperable paralysis of her rear legs.  The option of dog laser therapy was not in the picture—yet . . .

Our veterinarian, Dr. Todd Czarnecki, DVA, CVA, at Hanging Rock Animal Hospital in Roanoke, Virginia, said that he would like to see Dixie ASAP, as he had had some very encouraging success with dog laser therapy in recent months.  So, I met my son in Martinsville, and brought Dixie to Dr. Todd’s office for an evaluation.  He told us that she was a hopeful candidate for laser treatment, and he advised that the treatments begin now.

Two Very Happy Updates to the Dog Laser Therapy Story

Dixie returned to Roanoke this week for another follow-up dog laser therapy treatment.  Four weeks after her first treatment, March 13, 2012, she does show a slight indication of unsteadiness in her left rear leg, but the “toeing-over” has all but disappeared—she is improving as the days come and go.  It was agreed, at this time, April 12, that she should return for three months of one laser treatment for dogs a month, and no more cage rest or medication—“just be sure that she does not jump on or off the couch or the bed!”  For that energetic dog who loves to be a part of everything happening at the moment—that is going to be a chore!

Now, as of this writing, April 7, 2014, more than 2 years later, I am tickled to tell you that Dixie is just as she was prior to that weekend in March of 2012.  She is happy, healthy and with no sign of any difficulty of any kind.  In her case, dog laser therapy for IVDD in dogs was very successful.  She will be five years old in August 18, 2014, our wedding anniversary date.

However, literature on the subject is very difficult to find and very few veterinary hospitals are currently using low level laser therapy for healing IVDD without surgery.   Here are five sites you might like to check out:

           1)   Low Level Laser Therapy for IVDD—read all the links on the site.  As far as I can tell, laser therapy has only been used to promote healing after surgery;

          2)   Laser Therapy May Work on TL IVDD, by Narda G. Robinson, DO, DVM, MS, FAAMA;  NOTE:  This article first appeared in the March 2010 issue of “Veterinary Practice News”,  and it is now nearly three years old.

          3)   Photon Power: Can Laser Therapy Help Your Dog? , by Susan Davis, a very interesting short read.

          4)   Treating Intervertebral Disk Disease  There are several good articles on this site about IVDD, diagnosis and treatment.

          5)   IVDD Disk Disease Fast Facts  Lots of IVDD information.

If you run across any research, studies, reviews, etc.,
of Low Level Laser Therapy
used to heal IVDD before surgery,
please let me know about it immediately.


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