Adapted from an Article by David McGee, Bristol Herald Courier,
Bristol, Virginia, Wednesday, July 27, 2022


Patty Mullins Credits Her Black Lab, Vayda,
With Saving Her Life

It was midnight on Wednesday, July 13, 2022, when the floodwaters from Dismal Creek in Buchanan County, rose to a foot deep in Patty's bedroom as her beloved Vayda, a 2 year-old black Labrador awakened her from slumber, alerting her to imminent danger. The two of them climbed out a window and sought shelter atop the bed of Patty's pickup truck. However she could not pick up the 70 pound dog and the waters swiftly carried Vayda downstream. As the water continued to rise, 67 year-old Patty made her way to a nearby tree, clinging to its branches and wondering about the fate of her friend and faithful dog.


Late on Thursday, July 14,
Vayda and Patty Were Reunited.

Vayda went missing just after midnight on July 13, and word of Patty's miraculous survival and her missing dog spread quickly. Thursday evening, she learned that a dog matching Vayda's description was seen at a house across from Twin Valley High School, more than a mile from her flood-ravaged home. Patty said her emotions took over while riding to the school area with her aunt Peggy Keen.

"I just wanted to cry, before we even got there. I wasn't sure it was even going to be Vayda. When we went across the mountain I told Peggy, 'It's hitting me now. I'm going to start crying if this is her.' "


They stopped at several houses before finding the right one. The man who lived there said, "She came from the creek and laid down in my front yard. I fed her and let her sleep on my front porch."

Late on Thursday, July 14, as the two of us were reunited. Patty said, "I have been so blessed. I got my puppy dog back and someone provided me a place to stay. As we slept together Vayda must have been dreaming about swimming because she kept kicking her feet as if treading water. We went to sleep together with her front paw in my hand."

An emotional Patty said by phone on Friday, "She didn't quite know it was me at first, but when I started talking, she jumped up to my shoulders loving, licking and kissing me. it just took a second and that was it!"

God had answered Patty's prayers!


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