Having had 21 dogs over the years, our family learned quickly that the dogs loved us, and of course we learned to love each of them. Currently, our dog’s name is Minnow, a 14 pound, 15-year-old red, male. He is our 11th Doxie and he is nothing short of amazing.

Running errands, he usually goes with us, snug in his bed between my wife and me in the car. However, when we go somewhere without him, that’s another story. He howls and grieves, all alone at home! On returning he greets both of us, but especially me—with joyful, jumping excitement—and I know again and again, he loves me unconditionally!



Together, as pet-lovers,

we welcome you to Dog Wonders today!


Since Life’s Abundance began, in 1999, not a single pet food product of LA has ever been recalled!


It reveals much about Life’s Abundance and its fine quality products.

Dog Products

Driven by fads or gimmicks? No! You’ll have the confidence you’ve been looking for, knowing you’re giving your companion the very best.

You will be tickled when you discover exactly what you are giving to your precious feline friend. All of It, is the best for your cat’s health & happiness.

Your search for a clean, eco-friendly, and thoughtful brand is over. As health conscious people ourselves, we understand your desire to find it.


Here is a collection of interesting articles and short videos that will make you think, wonder and imagine!
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Looking for a job opportunity an ambitious woman entered a successful store, which had a reputation for fine, quality merchandise.

She walked right up to the owner and said, “Sir, I am very impressed with your company. I’d like to be hired and build a life-long career here. I can promise you I’ll work hard, and I’ll do a great job.

“In return, all I ask for is the following—–First, I’d like 20% profit on everything I sell. Then, if I bring in and help train 5 new people, I should get a 10% bonus on everything they sell. When I do well, I expect praise, recognition, special awards, gifts and dream vacations. I want to meet new friends, like what I am doing, and help others I work with. I am not into the 9-5 routine, so, I’ll want to set my own schedule and of course my family comes first! Ok, I think that’s about it. So when can I start?”

“Lady, you can’t be serious! You’re dreaming! You will never find a job like that!”

He was wrong. If you like dogs, cats and people, here it is!

It’s called Life’s Abundance!

Life’s Abundance is an employee-owned company on a mission to improve the health, wellness and income of entire families. We believe that life is precious and should be enjoyed to the fullest extent possible. We are passionate about the various products we offer, the customers we serve, and the business opportunity we represent. Since 1999, our tireless dedication to our mission has produced an extended track record of profitability and success.

A Young Couple depicting prospects for a website business opportunity.


My name is Keith Somers, the one in the blue shirt. My wife, Eva, is the one with the black purse strap over her shoulder. Our 4 children are, left to right: David, Stephen, Jonathan and Pam, all living in Virginia, except Stephen, who lives in North Carolina. Between us for years we have had both dogs and cats, so all of us are pet-lovers. Eva and I live in the country in Southwest Virginia. where from our deck we can see the sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains about 4 miles to the east. Together, our family has had 26 dogs and many cats.

I am the founder, author and editor of Dog Wonders. It was a website launched in 2012, and focused on dogs and cats and their needs. About the same time I became an Independent Field Representative for Life’s Abundance. On November 28, 2019, I had a very successful triple bi-pass surgery. My doctor told me that sometime in the last 20 years I had had a silent heart attack—I knew nothing about it. Furthermore, due to my recovery, and some family responsibilities, I did not work on my Dog Wonders site for 20 months. As I have been able to catch up with the new technology, the site was recently launched again. It is fresh, helpful, up to date, beautiful and easier to navigate. I will be looking forward to your visits.

Life’s Abundance, headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, is an essential part of our team. It is pledged to provide the best possible products for its customers, to help them live longer, healthier and happier lives. Three nationally prominent veterinarians are continuing to provide major veterinary educational, medical and practical help for customers, Life’s Abundance is providing an array of superior quality, safe and effective products that are inspired by nature, informed by science and born of a commitment to improving the health of people, pets and the planet.



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