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Adoption Available In Southwest Virginia

Adoption Available In Roanoke, Virginia
Her Name Is Princess, A 2 Year Old

Keith Somers, Editor
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Adoption available for Princess.  Just look at that smiling face!   Glossy black coat, expressive ears and happy are all adjectives that describe 2 year old Princess.   At 37 pounds, she would fit in just anywhere, and everyone she meets would be her friend!

Princess, a beautiful 2 year old adoptable at Roanoke, VA SPCA dog

If you are interested in adopting her, please download and complete an RV SPCA Adoption Application, 2020.   Email or fax to 540-342-6730, your application and a copy of your picture ID to our adoption staff.  Please book your appointment to meet her.   Our adoption staff will give you a call to confirm the appointment and answer any questions you may have prior to the meet and greet.

Call 540-339-9247 Monday – Saturday
Between Noon and 7 PM, to speak with an adoption counselor for more information.

 Keith Somers
is a registered Executive Independent Field Representative
of Life’s Abundance products,  the Healthy PetNet Foundation, and
a member of The Healthy Pet Challenge Team

Cherished Collections of Canine Celebrations

Collected by Keith Somers
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1        I think we are drawn to dogs because they are the uninhibited creatures we might be if we weren’t certain we knew better.  They fight for honor at the first challenge, make love with no moral restraint, and they do not for all their marvelous instincts appear to know about death.  Being such wonderfully uncomplicated beings, they need us to do their worrying.
—George Bird Evans (1906-1998), Author, Illustrator, Dog Breeder, “Troubles with Bird Dogs”

2        Dogs have given us their absolute all.  We are the center of their universe.  We are the focus of their love and faith and trust.  They serve us in return for scraps.  It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made. I love a dog.  He does nothing for political reasons.  Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
—Roger Caras (1928-2001), American Wildlife Photographer;  Host of Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show;  Network TV Personality, Wildlife Preservationist; President of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals;  Author.

3        Many will walk in and out of your life, but only a true friend will leave paw prints on your heart.

      No one can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog. A dog can show you more honest affection with a flick of his tail than a man can gather through a lifetime of handshakes.  We never really own a dog as much as he owns us.
—Gene Hill (Dates Unknown/Living), Author of several books about life with dogs, “Tears & Laughter”, “Sunlight and Shadows”, “A Listening Walk”

5        I think God will have prepared everything for our perfect happiness.  If it takes my dog being there in Heaven, I believe he’ll be there.
—Billy Graham (1918-2018)

      This soldier, I realized, must have had friends at home and in his regiment; yet he lay there deserted by all except his dog. I looked on, unmoved, at battles which decided the future of nations. Tearless, I had given orders which brought death to thousands. Yet here I was stirred, profoundly stirred, stirred to tears.  And by what?  By the grief of one dog.
—Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)—On finding a dog beside the body of his dead master, licking his face and howling in the moonlight after a battle, Napoleon was haunted by this scene until his own death.

7        The life of every living thing is in the hand of God.
—Job 12:10

8        Many people have heard the remarkable example of devotion involving a Skye terrier dog who worked for a Scottish shepherd named Old Jock. In 1858, the day after Jock was buried (with almost nobody present to mourn him except his shaggy dog) in the churchyard at Greyfriars Abbey in Edinburgh, Bobby was found sleeping on his master’s grave, where he continued to sleep every night for fourteen years.
—Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

9        There’s a stone I had made for Luke at the top of the hill road, where the pasture opens wide and the setting sun highlights the words carved into its face. “That’ll do, Luke, that’ll do.”  The words are said to working dogs all over the world when the chores are done and the flock is settled: “That’ll do dog, come home now, your work is done.”  Luke’s work is done too.  He took my heart and ran with it, and he’s running still, fast and strong, a piece of my heart bound up with his, forever.

—Patricia McConnell (1948 – ), a Certified Animal Behaviorist, Ph.D., Dog Trainer, Fiction and Non-fiction Writer, “Crazy in love with dogs!”, with a life-long commitment to understanding and communicating with Dogs, “For the Love of a Dog”, “The other End of the Leash:  Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs”.

  Keith Somers
is a registered Executive Independent Field Representative
of Life’s Abundance products
and a Team Member of the Healthy PetNet Foundation


An Up Front Statement
I did not write this wonderful parable, but wanted you to read and enjoy it. Perhaps the author will see it and contact me—then I will be able to give credit where it is due!

1 – On the first day, God created the dog and said,
“Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who
comes in or walks past. For this, I will give you a life span of
twenty years.”

The dog said, “That’s a long time to be barking. How about only 10 years and I’ll give you back the other ten?”
And God saw it was good.

2 – On the second day, God created the monkey and said,
“Entertain people, do tricks, and make them laugh. For this, I will
give you a life span of twenty years.”

The monkey said, “Monkey tricks for twenty years? That’s a pretty long time to perform. How about I give you back ten years like the dog did?”
And God, again saw it was good.

3 – On the third day, God created the cow and said, “You must go into the field with the farmer all day long and suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer’s family. For this, I will give you a life span of sixty years.”

The cow said, “That’s kind of a tough life you want me to live for sixty years. How about twenty and I’ll give back the other forty?”
And God agreed it was good.

4 – On the fourth day, God created humans and said, “Eat, sleep, play, marry and enjoy your life. For this, I’ll give you twenty years.”

But the human said, “Only twenty years? Could you possibly give me my twenty, the forty the cow gave back, the ten the monkey gave back, and the ten the dog gave back; that makes eighty, OK?”
“OK! You asked for it,” God said.

So, this is why
for our first twenty years, we eat. sleep, play, marry and enjoy ourselves.

For the next forty years, we slave in the sun to support our family.

For the next ten years, we do monkey tricks to entertain the grandchildren.

And for the last ten years, we sit on the front porch and bark at everyone.

LIFE—has now been explained to you.
There is no need to thank me for this valuable information.
I am doing it as a public service.

If you are looking for me, I will be on the front porch
. . . with my iPhone.

—Author Unknown

Dog Food Preservatives Can Be Toxic

Why Dog Food Preservatives Can Be Dangerous

by Keith Somers  /  Like  Dog Wonders on Facebook

Dog food preservatives may be good/ natural, or bad/artificial.  Let’s leave an inquiry about  the good preservatives for another article and another time.  The focus here must be on the bad, artificial or chemical preservatives.   Why?  Read on!

Dog Food Preservatives, Over Time Can Be Toxic

Generally, pet food will quickly spoil without some kind of temperature controls or preservatives.  Dog food preservatives with chemicals are designed to do two things.  They extend the shelf life and reduce fat spoilage or the rancidity of dry pet foods and pet treats.

About Preservatives

Pet food sold in stores is not straight from the manufacturer.  It may take as long as a year.   It has to get from the plant, to the warehouse, to the store, to the shelf and to your purchase of the product.  Hence the need for chemical dog food preservatives.  The natural ones are more of a short term fix.

Over an extended period of time, studies have shown that such artificial preservatives used in pet foods and treats, may result in dry skin, allergic reactions, dental disease, adverse effects on liver and kidney functions, stomach tumors, and enhanced bladder and kidney carcinogenics.

Dog Food Preservatives, the Artificial Chemical Kind,
Must Be Carefully Avoided

The bottom line is our pets have to eat—and, they have no choice in what we choose to put before them.   And mostly, it is the same old, same old—day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year.   It’s the cumulative, relentless effect of artificial, chemical dog food preservatives that should keep us up at night.  Finally, no one of us knows how much longer these family members would live and enjoy life in our homes—IF they were fortunate enough to have never ingested a single chemical preservative—EVER!

It should be a no-brainer.  Avoid dog food preservatives used in dry foods and assorted treats.  Here’s a list of the more common artificial preservatives:

  • Propylene Glycol  –  A key component used in non-automotive anti-freeze.
  • Ethoxyquin – It is used as a hardening agent for making synthetic rubber and also pesticides.
  • BHA,  Butylated Hydroxanisole  –  Rubber and petroleum products contain this chemical.
  • BHT,  Butylated Hydroxtoluene  –  The chemical may contribute to carcinogenicity or tumorigenicity.
  • TBHQ, Tertiary Butylhydroquinone  –  This one has been found to produce pre-cancerous stomach tumors in laboratory animals.  It can cause damage to a cell’s DNA2.
  • Propyl Gallate  –  Studies have shown this one to be carcinogenic in animals.
  • Tocopherois  –  Here is a toxicity risk.  Why take it?

Of course, there are many factors, other than dog food  preservatives, that can negatively affect the pets who eat at our table.  But, wouldn’t it be far better to come down on the safe side of this issue?

Dog Food Preservatives—the Answer Is With You!

Your dog or cat is a member of your family.  Feeding a pet some chemical preservative, so that the product can have a longer shelf life makes no sense?  Feeding dog food preservatives (the bad kind), not just occasionally, but with every meal, every treat—run the other way, as fast as you can!  Look for a safer, naturally-preserved product. Look for a fresh-to-your-door product that needs no preservatives at all.  Watch the following 2 minute video from Dr. Sarah Wooten, DVM, one of Life’s Abundance Staff Veterinarians.

Remember all the Life Abundance food
is FRESH and FAST to your door.

So, check it out now—click on the button below!

  Life's Abundance Dog Food

Keith Somers is a registered
Independent Field Representative of Life’s Abundance products
and The HealthyPetNet Foundation

When contacting Life’s Abundance directly,
please use my ID# 20092539

Best Cat Food Needs Your Concern

Best Cat Food

For the most part, your cat eats the same food every day.  That is why carefully choosing the best cat food is so important to your cat’s long-term health.   For nearly 17 years, tens of thousands of cats have

best cat foodbeen eating and thriving on Life’s Abundance food.  We attribute this success to our painstaking attention to detail.  Each ingredient in Life’s Abundance food is carefully chosen.  Together they work with all the others to provide your cat with a wholesome, highly-nutritious and perfectly-balanced meal every day.  Hence, working for your pet,  every year, over a long and loving lifetime.  It’s the best cat food available.   Please know, and remember, it has never been recalled since the founding of Life’s Abundance, 17 years ago.

Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM,
Tells How to Find the Best Cat Food Speaks Out About the Pet Food Quality

“I know how much you all love your dogs and cats.  That’s why I need to get this extremely important message to you.  What I am about to explain to you may actually increase your pet’s life span.   Did you know that it’s a scientific fact that an average size dog should live to be 27 years old, and the average cat 30?   It’s a tragedy that today we are losing our beloved pets long before they reach those golden years.  None of you would ever do anything intentional, to put them at risk, to take away their precious years, yet you may indeed be doing just that.

Nutrition Is Critical
Understanding Health and Longevity

“Besides genetics being one of the most important factors in the life-span of an animal, nutrition is the other.   Nutrition is important from the time of conception, to birth, growth, and long into the golden years.  What the mother dog or cat eats is going to help determine the health of the puppies or kittens, including the number born in the litter and their size.  Studies have shown that mothers eating poor quality, or low amounts of protein will actually have smaller offspring with smaller brains and livers.  A lack of vitamin E has been proven to hamper the immune system, and obesity in dogs and cats can decrease their life span.  Thus we know that nutrition is vitally important.

Help In Selecting the Best Cat Food

“As a veterinarian for more three decades, and the author of three books on nutrition in animals.  I beg you, please take charge of your pet’s life, and learn the basics of your pet’s food.  Most people do not take it seriously enough.  They do not bother to read the label.  Pet food selection seems to be based on trivia, rather than nutritional data. ”

Look at the label on the package—none of the following should be in any food you feed your cat, including treats.  Please consider the best cat food for your beloved pet!

  • artificial preservatives
  • artificial coloring
  • artificial flavors
  • steroids
  • wheat or wheat gluten
  • corn or corn gluten
  • soy or soy gluten
  • meat meal and bone meal
  • meat by-products
cat-eatingNot ONE of Life’s Abundance Pet Food Products
Has Ever Been Recalled!




Pet Food Dangers Have Consequences

Pet Food Dangers Have Long-Term               Negative Health Consequences

Pet food dangers continue to be troubling for pet owners.  For the most part, your pet eats the same food every day.  That is why carefully choosing the right food is so important to your dog or cat’s long-term health, happiness, and life.

pet food dangers have consequences
Most consumers are shocked to learn that makers of some of the most popular, premium pet food brands are misleading you, the shopper.   The pet food danger is found in the ingredients put into the food eaten by millions of American dogs and cats every day.   I am sure you would never knowingly feed such an inferior product to anyone you care for, including the companion animals in your family.

So let’s look at some of the ingredients that can have negative health consequence, and can:

  • trigger allergie;
  • stress immune systems—because of a lack in natural antioxidants;
  • lead to nutrient deficiencies—because of a too long a shelf life and improper storage;
  • link to gluten sensitivity—resulting in autoimmune thyroiditis and diet difficulties;
  • inhibit urinary health—risking urinary tract diseases, especially for cats;
  • omit probiotics (healthy bacteria)—essential in supporting good health;
  • lead to obesity—too many calories, too little exercise;
  • result in a lack of Omega-3—necessary to supporting a healthy heart;
  • increase canine cognitive dysfunction—because of food void of natural antioxidants;
  • diminish skin and coat health—lacking fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and protein

In addition here are some things to look for on the brand labeling that SHOULD NOT BE THERE:

  1. No artificial flavors
  2. No artificial colors
  3. No corn or corn gluten—whole grain oat groats is better, 8 vitamins, 9 minerals
  4. No wheat or wheat gluten—whole grain, ground brown rice, rich in vitamins and minerals
  5. No soy—instead, use another whole grain
  6. No chemical preservatives—to keep food in storage longer
  7. No meat or bone meal—generic specific is best
  8. No animal fat—chicken fat is best, easily metabolized, contains fatty acid profiles
  9. No sugars
  10. No animal by-products—these are, for the most part, left-overs not fit for human consumption

Are you concerned about pet food dangers?  Please check the nutrition facts on the pet food you are currently using—then watch:

The Truth About Pet Food

I will complete this post by July 31, 2015—please come back!

What A Job Opportunity, Available NOW

Job Opportunity,
Work At Home

 Keith Somers, Editor
Like Dog Wonders on My Facebook Business Page

Looking for a job opportunity, an ambitious woman entered a successful store, which had a reputation for fine, quality merchandise.

She walked right up to the owner and said, “Sir, I am very impressed with your company.  I’d like to be hired and build a life-long career here.  I can promise you I’ll work hard, and I’ll do a great job.

“In return, all I ask for is the following:”

1    “First, I’d like 20% profit on everything I sell.”

  “Then, if I bring in and help train five new people, I think I deserve a 10% bonus on everything they sell AND a 3% profit sharing increase on my own sales too!”

3    “Now, when I do well, I expect lots of praise and recognition—not to mention special awards and gifts—oh yes, and dream vacations to exotic locations!”

   “I’d also like to meet new friends, feel great about what I’m doing, and help others to strengthen their families.”

 5   “By the way, I’m not into the 9-5 scene.  So I’ll want to set my own schedule and work when it suits me best.”

  “And of course, my family ALWAYS comes first.”

7   “Ok, I think that’s about it.  So, when can I start?”

After the store owner recovered from shock, he roared with laughter. “Lady, you can’t be serious! You’re living in a dream world! You’ll never find an opportunity like that… ANYWHERE!”

He was wrong!!!   If you love dogs and cats—here it is!  It’s called Life’s Abundance!

Click on the photo above or the Life’s Abundance link below.job opportunityKeith Somers
is a registered Executive Independent Field Representative
of Life’s Abundance products,  the Healthy PetNet Foundation, and
a member of The Healthy Pet Challenge Team

TRUTH About Pet Food

Truth About Pet Food
What We Feed Them Matters

Keith Somers, Writer
Like Dog Wonders on My Facebook Business Page

Truth about pet food is sometimes difficult to find.  After some reading and careful searching, you can find it.   It is a question of safety, and the long term health and life of your dog or cat.

Have you ever wondered why so many brands pop up again and again on the recall list?   Check it out—here is a very short list, taken from the FDA records, of more than 1,350 pet foods that have been recalled in the last 5 years:

ALPO                                                                        Hill’s Pet Nutrition
AMERICAS CHOICE                                       Iams
Berkley & Jenson                                               Jerky Treats
Blue Buffalo                                                           Natural Balance
Blue Wilderness                                                  Nature’s Recipe
Bravo Pet Food                                                    Ol’ Roy
CAT’S                                                                         Pedigree
Diamond                                                                  PET PRIDE
Dick Van Patten’s                                               Premium Natural
DOCTORS FOSTER & SMITH                    Purina
Eukanuba                                                                Royal Canine
FELINE CRUISINE                                             SCIENCE DIET
Friskies                                                                     SPECIAL KITTY
Hartz Naturals                                                     WEIS TOTAL PET
Hill Country Fare                                               Wellness

Read the label—chances are there are ingredients in the brand you use, that with day in and day out, over-the-long-haul—are harmful to your family pet!

Group of twelve dogsTruth About Pet Food

Will Your Pet Live to Be 25?
It Can, With Proper Nutrition

Every single ingredient in your pet’s food plays a significant role in the nutritional make-up of the food. For sixteen years, tens of thousands of dogs and cats have been eating and thriving on the best

We attribute this success to our painstaking attention to the detail. Each and every ingredient in Life’s Abundance food is carefully chosen to work with the others to supply your companion animal with a highly nutritious and perfectly balanced meal every day, every year, over a lifetime.   That’s the truth about pet food.


from the beginning, 16 years ago,



  Keith Somers
is a registered Executive Independent Field Representative
of Life’s Abundance products
and a Team Member of the Healthy PetNet Foundation



National Pet Day, April 11, 2020

National Pet Day Is Today

 Keith Somers, Editor
Like Dog Wonders on My Facebook Business Page

National Pet Day in the United States, is April 11, and is all about appreciating and celebrating the wonderful pets in your life.  Among the more common ones are gerbils, birds, turtles, fish, and of course dogs and cats.

There are 175 + days, some in each month, celebrating something about pets.  Everything from:  Happy Mew Year,  Pooper-Scooper Day,  Hug Your Cat Day, Check the Chip Day, and Mayday for Mutts Day.

Here are some statistics that you might find interesting—taken from The Humane Society of the US, the American Pet Product Association and the ASPCA:

Most pets come to their new homes through family members and around 29% of cats and dogs are adopted from shelters. More than 35% of cats are strays before finding their forever home.

Total Number of Pets Owned in the U.S. (Millions)

Bird 14.3
Cat 86.4
Dog 78.2
Horse 7.5
Freshwater Fish 95.5
Saltwater Fish 9.5
Reptile 9.3
Small Animal 12.4

For 2020, it estimated that $69.51 billion will be spent on pets in the U.S.7ee089_1843aaadbd644a46b3bb8cf9e2f5eb8b.png_srz_p_254_254_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz

National Pet Day Origin

Celebrity pet lifestyle expert and animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige founded National Pet Day to raise awareness about the importance of pet adoption. The motto of the holiday is “Don’t shop! Adopt!” and it is sponsored by the Animal Miracle Foundation, whose mission is to help animals in shelters find forever homes.

Keith Somers
is a registered Executive Independent Field Representative
of Life’s Abundance products,  the Healthy PetNet Foundation, and
a member of The Healthy Pet Challenge Team