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Looking for a job opportunity, an ambitious woman entered a successful store, which had a reputation for fine, quality goods.

She walked right up to the owner and said, “Sir, I am very impressed with your company. I’d like to be hired and build a life-long career here. I can promise you I’ll work hard, and I’ll do a great job.

“In return, all I ask for is the following:”

1 “First, I’d like 20% profit on everything I sell.”

2 “Then, if I bring in and help train five new people, I think I deserve a 10% bonus on everything they sell AND a 3% profit sharing increase on my own sales too!”

3 “Now, when I do well, I expect lots of praise and recognition—not to mention special awards and gifts—oh yes, and dream vacations to exotic locations!”

4 “I’d also like to meet new friends, feel great about what I’m doing, and help others to strengthen their families.”

5 “By the way, I’m not into the 9-5 scene. So I’ll want to set my own schedule and work when it suits me best.”

6 “And of course, my family always comes first.”

7 “Ok, I think that’s about it. So, when can I start?”

After the store owner recovered from shock, he roared with laughter. “Lady, you can’t be serious! You’re living in a dream world!
You’ll never find an opportunity like that… anywhere!”

He was wrong!!! If you love dogs, cats and people—here it is!

The company is called, Life’s Abundance!

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