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In looking for an opportunity to build a home-based business, four considerations are very important:

  1. A company with a spotless priority
  2. A company with a select product
  3. A company with a simple plan
  4. A company with a solid purpose

Life’s Abundance headquarters in, Jupiter, Florida

Together, let’s carefully examine each of these four important concepts:

1 – It is a company with a Spotless Priority, from 1999.

In the years since it’s founding in 1999, not one dog, cat or people product has ever been recalled. This, in it’s self, indicates that this company has a remarkable staff. Here they are:

Lester Thornhill
is the President and CEO of Life’s Abundance. He is armed with an intuitive sense for business, an energetic, positive vision, leading the in-house Staff and network of Field Representatives.

Cris Jochum
is Chairman of the Board of Life’s Abundance. She is also chairman of our non-profit Dr. Jane Foundation. Cris has a long and trailblazing background in business, philanthropy, software consulting and information technology.

Stephen Berardi
is LA’s Executive Vice-President. His recommendation to our Large Staff and Field Reps lies in the recognition of these three concepts: 1) You’ll never find out what you can accomplish until you try, 2) each failure, no matter the context, always represents a teachable moment, and 3) perseverance is the foundation of attainable dreams.

Dennis & Carol
Berardi were the two visionaries that started a new company in the network marketing industry. In 1999 it became Life’s Abundance. They find joy in helping pets live longer, healthier and happier lives and helping Field Reps to know how to break free from their comfort zones and achieve prosperity. Co-founding Life’s Abundance was “one of the greatest accomplishments of our lives.”

Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, DVM
is a member of our veterinary expert team. She is an amazing veterinarian, prolific author, popular on-air and on-TV personality, worldwide traveler and self-professed “big time dog person”. Watch for her articles on our Life’s Abundance Newsletters, and on our “Articles Column” on

Keri Glassman, MS.RD.CDN and Life’s Abundance have teamed up to give you clean, effective and delicious supplements to support your healthy, on-the-go lifestyle. See her helpful advice in the People’s Column, under “Supplements”, supporting a healthy lifestyle embodied in our line of supplements, formulated with Keri Glassman. She is driven by the idea that excellent nutrition should be attainable by everyone and we at Life’s Abundance couldn’t agree more.

Dr. Sarah Wooten DVM was a Staff Veterinarian for Life’s Abundance for a number of years—she’s now retired from LA. She graduated from the University of California, Davis in 2002. Her chosen specialty is working with small animals. We have cataloged a number of her videos and posts on Life’s Abundance and Watch for them in the pet columns or search on the lists posted in the green column to the right.

Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM, for a number of years was a Staff Veterinarian for Life’s Abundance. Her life-long work, because she is recognized as the authority on the holistic treatment of animals, is that she regularly consults with pet industry experts to ensure that Life’s Abundance’s innovative health formulas exceed the highest of quality standards, effectiveness and safety. She is the one who tracked this early in the life of LA’s development, so that we can say today, that none of Life’s Abundance pet food products have ever been recalled since its inception in 1999.

Her life-long work to promote the betterment of the companion animal community was the inspiration for Life’s Abundance’ very own foundation which proudly bears her name. The Dr. Jane HealthyPetNet Foundation is dedicated to the promotion, maintenance and management of America’s small animal rescues, each of which are committed to saving abused and neglected animals from the desperation of homelessness.

2 – It is a company with a Select Product you can believe in.

Life’s abundance, from the beginning in 1999, to the present day, offers a full line of premium products for dogs, cats and people. We constantly monitor all of our products by experts, like nationally recognized Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM, products for dogs and cats, and Keri Glassman MS.RD.CON, products for people like Nutrition Supplements. The average rating for all of our products is a 4.9 out of 5.0 from Trust Pilot, one of the world’s largest online review communities. We are committed to providing the best possible products for our customers, to help them live longer, healthier and happier lives. Our products are of superior quality, safe and effective, inspired by nature, informed by science and born of a commitment to improving the health of people, pets and the planet—Welcome to Life’s Abundance!

3 – It is a company with a Simple Plan for home businesses.

From the beginning, putting people first has been part of our DNA. We put employees first by making the company 100% employee owned. We put customers first by providing world class products and customer service. We put our Field Reps first by providing a compensation plan that is uniquely structured to be fair, scalable and simple, whether you want to sell products to a group of friends or build a large organization. We don’t believe in binary compensation because it favors the corporation and large distributors. Our compensation plan has no mandatory personal purchase requirements to be made by our Field Reps.

4 – It is a company with a Solid Purpose for its existence.

Life’s Abundance has as it’s purpose to enrich the lives of families, dogs, cats, and people, with one product at a time. Health and happiness are more than just eating right and exercising. It is a matter of living and doing right—it will enrich your life as well. Life’s Abundance is paving new roads to wellness for your family, every day!

Life’s Abundance presents an outstanding opportunity
for pet-lovers, and potential Field Reps like you

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