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As tropical storm Ida intensified over the Gulf of Mexico, on August 29, 2021, it became a Category 4, Atlantic Hurricane, with 150 mph sustained winds, slamming into and devastating the town of Grand Isle, Louisiana. While the storm reached 6 countries, there were 95 deaths and $50 billion in damages in the United States.

Did you know that when you shop at Life’s Abundance, a portion of the profits is set aside to fund the excellent work of our charitable non-profit, The Dr. Jane Foundation?

We’re pleased to inform you that our Board of Directors expedited emergency funding to two rescue organizations to help with disaster relief from Hurricane Ida. Here is the story.

The Jefferson SPCA

The Jefferson SPCA is a non-profit that promotes animal welfare in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Due to the hurricane, nearly 100 pets were evacuated from the shelter by the Houston Humane Society. Even without power for over a week, and during the height of their kitten season, the tireless crew of staff and volunteers never missed adoptions and the general care of all of their animals.

Normally this shelter takes in lost pets, holds adoptions, provides low cost spay/neuter clinics and continues to prevent and address animal cruelty by investigating complaints and providing care for homeless pets in the area. Finally, they stand committed to the health of companion animals by providing them with life-saving medical treatments.

The Louisiana SPCA

The Louisiana SPCA is the oldest animal welfare organization the state, impacting over 73,000 homeless and companion animals since it’s opening. Before Hurricane Ida hit, the shelter transported nearly 200 animals out of the destructive path of the storm. While still closed as of this writing, they are continuing to provide clinic and animal control services, reuniting dozens of pets each week with their displaced families and helping with the transport of animals between shelters.

They deeply care about their animals, focusing on humane pet adoptions, rescues and affordable veterinary services across Louisiana.

The Dr. Jane Foundation

For all of you who actively support the vital work of the Life’s Abundance non-profit, The Dr. Jane Foundation, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thanks to your personal donations and your continued Life’s Abundance patronage, together we are helping these animal rescue groups achieve their mission of making a positive difference in our world, one animal at a time.

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