Are Pet Food Recalls Disappearing?

Read carefully, then you be the judge.

Here is a dated list from the Dog Food AdvisorSaving Good Dogs & Cats from Bad Dog Food & Bad Cat Food.

The above list includes thousands of lots, dozens of brands, at least 110 pet deaths and more than 200 pet illnesses—including both dogs and cats, caused by: Fatal Aflatoxin (produced by mold), Salmonella Bacteria, Listeria Monocytogenes Bacteria and Vitamin D (at elevated levels).

As in the past, we will continue to watch for alerts from both the Dog Food Advisor and the FDA. As soon as they reach us, the alert will be posted and dated as a featured article on Dog Wonders—including information about both dogs and cats.
Watch for it!

Signing out, I must continue to say it,
because I am so proud to be a distributor and because it is so remarkable:

Life’s Abundance Pet Food Has Never Been Recalled,

Since the Company Was Launched in 1999!

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