Pet Food Dangers Have
Long-Term Negative
Health Consequences

Pet food dangers continue to be troubling for pet owners. For the most part, your pet eats the same food every day. That is why carefully choosing the right food is so important to your dog or cat’s long-term health, happiness, and life.

pet food dangers have consequences

Most consumers are shocked to learn that makers of some of the most popular, premium pet food brands are misleading you, the shopper. The pet food danger is found in the ingredients put into the food eaten by millions of American dogs and cats every day. I am sure you would never knowingly feed such an inferior product to anyone you care for, including the companion animals in your family.

So let’s look at some of the ingredients that can have negative health consequence, and can:

  • trigger allergies;
  • stress immune systems—because of a lack in natural antioxidants;
  • lead to nutrient deficiencies—because of a too long a shelf life and improper storage;
  • link to gluten sensitivity—resulting in autoimmune thyroiditis and diet difficulties;
  • inhibit urinary health—risking urinary tract diseases, especially for cats;
  • omit probiotics (healthy bacteria)—essential in supporting good health;
  • lead to obesity—too many calories, too little exercise;
  • result in a lack of Omega-3—necessary to supporting a healthy heart;
  • increase canine cognitive dysfunction—because of food void of natural antioxidants;
  • diminish skin and coat health—lacking fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and protein

In addition here are some things to look for on the brand labeling that SHOULD NOT BE THERE:

  1. No artificial flavors
  2. No artificial colors
  3. No corn or corn gluten—whole grain oat groats is better, 8 vitamins, 9 minerals
  4. No wheat or wheat gluten—whole grain, ground brown rice, rich in vitamins and minerals
  5. No soy—instead, use another whole grain
  6. No chemical preservatives—to keep food in storage longer
  7. No meat or bone meal—generic specific is best
  8. No animal fat—chicken fat is best, easily metabolized, contains fatty acid profiles
  9. No sugars
  10. No animal by-products—these are, for the most part, left-overs not fit for human consumption

Are you concerned about pet food dangers? Please check the nutrition facts on the pet food you are currently using—then check out Life Abundance:

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