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Natural healthy treats, as a special reward, brings great enjoyment to your dog or cat And it makes us feel good, too. The very act of giving a treat helps to solidify the bond that we share with our companion animals. Unfortunately, most of the pet snacks available on the market today are non-nutritive “junk foods” that could be dangerous to your pet’s health. It’s important to remember that even if you feed your pet a diet of healthy food, mass-marketed treats can have a significant negative impact on his or her health.

Thankfully, you don’t have to abandon this great way to reward your pet. There’s no reason treats can’t be nutritious and tasty. At Life’s Abundance our natural healthy treats are as important as our food for nutrition and pleasure. You have our guarantee—we do not create pet products simply on measures of taste or texture.

Natural healthy treats is a wholly unique approach in the pet product industry. To address the dietary requirements and taste preferences of all dogs and cats, we’ve developed a wide array of oven-baked healthy treats, savory training treats and satisfying pork-hide treats. These yummy products are uniquely formulated by one of our retired company veterinarians, Dr. Jane Bicks DVM, to target particular health needs, both through balanced nutrition and specific vitamins and herbal ingredients.

natural healthy treats

We Have Natural Healthy Treats
Your Dog Will Enjoy:

  • healthy dog treats that nourish and make dogs happy
  • healthier alternatives to rawhide bones and bones for dogs;
  • delicious and supportive dental health and immune health
  • work great as dog training treats
  • the best dog treats for pups with dietary restrictions
  • made in the USA

At Life’s Abundance, we’re driven by a desire to affect positive change in your dog’s health, and that’s reflected in every single joyous bite.

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