Premium Natural Dog Food
Is “Dog-Gone Good!”

Premium Natural Dog Food from Life’s Abundance is made with select ingredients, including:

  • high-quality chicken;
  • catfish meals;
  • whole grains;
  • nutritious vegetables and fruits;
  • probiotics;
  • omega fatty acids;
  • additional nutrients;
  • and much more.

Creating custom formulas for dogs is an art form. Down to the last micronutrient, each ingredient selected was chosen for more than just its overall benefit, but also for the way it interacts with other ingredients to nourish the body and all its complex systems.

Made right, truly healthful dog food addresses every part of the body, inside and out. With an emphasis on gut health, including species-specific probiotics, our deeply nourishing foods support your dog’s overall wellness for a difference you will see and they will feel.

Our employee-owners watch over every product until it begins its journey to you from one of our facilities nearest your zip code. Made in frequent batches, you can trust that our rigorously developed and thoroughly tested foods will give your dog the bountiful nutrition you’ve been seeking—always fresh and safe. The vast majority of our orders take three days or less in transit.

Our pet foods are always delivered fresh to your door step. The vast majority of orders take three days or less in transit.

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