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Dr. Sarah Wooten, DVM, Staff Veterinarian with Life’s Abundance

Dr. Sarah WootenDr. Sarah is a veterinarian with 10 years of clinical experience in private practice and not-for-profit shelter medicine.  She has extensive knowledge about small animals and spent her senior year at University of California, Davis, exclusively tracking small animals.   In addition to providing veterinary educational material to Life’s Abundance customers, she is a mom, proud dog owner, and helps one pet-at-a-time, working relief in local veterinary clinics.  She graduated from UC, Davis in June of 2002.

She did her undergraduate work at Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree, Laude.  She also received Department Honors in Biological Sciences at Wheaton.  In addition she was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society.  She graduated in May, 1998.

Dr. Wooten has also published a number of books and papers:  “The In-vivo Effect of IL-11” in a choriallantoic membrane assay, 1998, Thesis:  Library of Congress; 20 Natural Pet Remedies, Barton Publishing, 2008; Joint Relief Remedies for Dogs, Barton Publishing, 2008; and various articles in Affiliated Associations, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the USDA.

Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM, Executive Director of New Product Development & Education with Life’s Abundance

Dr. Jane BicksDr. Jane is clearly defined by her absolute dedication to the health and wellness of companion animals.  She is a nationally recognized authority on holistic treatment of animals.*  Dr. Jane regularly consults with pet industry experts to ensure that Life’s Abundance innovative health formulas exceed the highest of quality standards, effectiveness and safety.  Additionally, she closely monitors discoveries in nutritional science.  Once they are verified, she makes the corresponding improvements to Life’s Abundance formulas.  Much of her career has been spent researching and developing premium pet products.

She is the author of three national books on pet care.  Her books include Revolution In Cat Nutrition, Rawson Associates, New Youk, 1986, Dr. Jane’s Thirty Days to A Healthier, Happier Cat, Berkley Publishing, New York, 1997, and Dr. Jane’s Guide to a Healthier, Happier Dog, Berkley Publishing, New York, 1999.

She has served on several professional boards including the Cornell Feline Health Center.  Dr. Jane served as the President of the Veterinary Medical Association in NYC and was appointed by former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to help start one of the largest animal shelters in the United States.  She has also appeared on many network television and cable programs and numerous radio stations as a veterinary expert.

Her work to promote the betterment of the companion animal community was the inspiration for Life’s Abundance’ very own foundation, which is why it proudly bears her name. The Dr. Jane HealthyPetNet Foundation is dedicated to the promotion, maintenance and management of America’s small animal rescues, each of which are committed to saving abused and neglected animals from the desperation of homelessness.  Dr. Jane serves as a board member and the guiding force behind the good work of this much-needed foundation.

There is very little at Life’s Abundance in Jupiter, Florida, that has not been positively changed by Dr. Jane’s love and commitment to our pet companions.



*”The main focus of veterinary holistic medicine is prevention of disease through natural diets, proper exercise, training and mineral, vitamin and herbal supplementation. The holistic perspective of healing recognizes that the whole body must be in balance for good health to exist. This means not only treating the physical symptoms of a disease but also supporting the body’s immune and organ systems in healing the disease, or imbalance, itself.  Prevention of disease is encouraged by taking an assessment of the mind, body, spirit and environment, and making the necessary changes to support the well being of your pet.”

NOTE:  This is one of the best definitions of holistic veterinarian medicine that I have ever read—however, I do not know who wrote it!   With apology to the author, I have included it here to help our readers understand the concept, the scope and the practice.     KS