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Negative Dog Behaviors Can Be Eliminated

negative dog behaviors
Dr. Dennis Fetko with Mugger, a Husky mix,
Sharia, a Doberman mix, and Bimbo
a St. Bernard/German Shepherd mix—all rescues.
by Keith Somers  /  Like Keith & Dog Wonders on Facebook

Negative Dog Behaviors
May Be Difficult to Change

Negative dog behaviors can easily catch your attention.   They can also bring you to your wit’s end.   Below is a list of such bad behaviors.

  •   leash lurching
  •   counter surfing
  •   loud noise fearing
  •   crate hating
  •   furniture chewing
  •   carpet eliminating
  •   constant barking
  •   trash can dumping
  •   and much, much more

Negative Dog Behaviors
Can Be Eliminated

They can be totally corrected.   There is absolutely no jerking, choking, squirting, yelling, or cursing—so says Dr. Dog.   His name is Dennis Fetko.   He has a Ph.D. in Behavioral Psychology, specializing in dog therapy.  For the last three decades, Dennis has been in constant demand.  He is an educator, authorconsultant, and guest.   In short he is the expert’s “EXPERT”, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Dr. Fetko states:

“My work for decades has focused on ending unwanted animal behaviors.  Sadly, more dogs are put down for their behavior than for physical problems.  So I take my work very seriously!

“I have personally worked with thousands of dogs and dog owners.  I have witnessed lives being changed and the dogs finally becoming the dogs they were meant to be.   Now with the publishing of my eBook, “Dr. Dog’s FAST, EASY, FUN Behavior Solutions”, my methods are reaching many more people.

“With my 60-day Money Back Guarantee, I’m taking all the risk.   So don’t delay.  Try out my methods for yourself with nothing to lose.  By clicking on the book title below, you will have immediate download access to my book.   You can be reading it in the next few minutes!

Enjoy your dog more.   Teach him proper behavior.   Here’s to your success!”




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Keith Somers
is a registered Independent Field Representative
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