Fresh Pet Food, A Key Reason To Read This

Fresh Pet Food, Always
Shipped Fresh to Your Door

by Keith Somers,
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Fresh pet food is critical for your companion animals.  You would never, ever want to serve old or spoiled food.  This is why Life’s Abundance is not available in stores.   It is always produced in small, frequent batches and when you place your order, delivered right to your door—fast and FRESH!fresh pet foodThe mega-companies manufacture large batches at a time.  Chemical preservatives are important to a long storage and shelf-life for their products.  Hence, the time before you get their pet food can be as long as a year.   And, you have to go to the store to buy it, and then lug it to the car and home.

Watch the following 2 minute video from Dr. Sarah Wooten, DVM, one of Life’s Abundance Staff Veterinarians:

Fresh Pet Food Must Also Have
A Fast Delivery Time

Life’s Abundance food is produced in small batches so that it is always FRESH.  It is always shipped directly to your home FAST, usually 5 weeks or less from the factory to the warehouse, and 5 days to your door.  That’s a total of no more than 6 weeks from production to you, guaranteed!

Fresh Pet Food From Life’s Abundance
Has Very Low Shipping Rates

It’s a small price to pay for FRESH and FAST, wouldn’t you agree?

  •   No minimum ordering requirements.
  •   Buy as little or as much as you need.  The shipping costs stay the same per order.
  •   Include a variety of products.  Order dry food, canned food, treats, supplements or more.
  •  Save money by using “autoship” which you can change at any time.   Change the shipment date, the order or cancel.
  •   Since the birth of the company in 1999, in 15 years, there has never been a recall on any of its fresh pet food products.

fresh pet food
Fresh & Fast Pet Food,
What More Could You Ask For?

All Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food, for both cats and dogs, features:

  •   Digestible Protein Sources
  •   Extra Antioxidants
  •   Chelated Minerals
  •   Live Probiotics
  •   No Corn
  •   No Wheat
  •   No Glutens
  •   No Artificial Colors
  •   No Artificial/Chemical Preservatives
  •   Never Been Recalled
Your companion pets will live
Longer, Healthier, and Happier Lives!


Click below and order some Life’s Abundance Pet Food
shipped to your door fresh and fast—TRY IT!

fresh pet foodfresh pet food

 Keith Somers
is a registered Executive Independent Field Representative
of Life’s Abundance products
and the Healthy PetNet Foundation

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