Dog Grooming Books—Home or Professional

Dog Grooming Books

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Dog Grooming Books

—Your Dog Will Feel and Look Great

Dog grooming books will give you detailed information.   Do you want to groom your dog at home and wonder if you will get it right?
Are you a professional groomer and have specific questions in a variety of areas?   There is grooming for the beginner and grooming for the professional somewhere in this great selection of books.

Things like:

  • the right equipment and tools;
  • proper animal handling techniques;
  • specific grooming areas like nails, toes, teeth, tails, legs, etc.;
  • how to choose the  right shampoo and conditioner; and
  • how to properly bathe a happy dog.

I have carefully selected for you 35 high-end rated Dog Grooming Books in this Department of the Amazon Store—you will see a Slide Show of them below.

When you see something that interests you—place the cursor over the graphic and you will be given:

  • a brief description;
  • the manufacturer;
  • the star reviews;
  • the number of reviewers;
  • and the price.

When you remove the cursor— after a few seconds, the slide show will continue its journey through the Dog Grooming Books Department.

A left click on the graphic will take you directly to the site.  The customers that have purchased the item you select have rated that product at between 4.3 and 5 stars.  Please read their comments, the full details of the product, color and size options (if any), and the pricing.  This will be very helpful as you make your decision as to which Dog Grooming books to buy.

When you have decided, follow the directions on the screen, or return to www.dogwonders to continue your search.  There are currently a total of 19 Departments to explore at the Amazon Store and you will find all of them under the drop down menu at the top of each page.  When the Store is fully stocked and available to you there will be 26 Departments.


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