Cold Weather Dog Safety

Cold Weather Dog Safety,
A Video Reminder

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Safety for DogsOh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful . . . lyricist Sammy Cahn wrote the words to “Let It Snow” in 1945.  Hopefully, this wonderful seasonal song will remind us that cold weather dog safety is serious stuff—be careful out there in the snow!  Winter will soon wrap her cold, sleety arms around much of the country.  We want to remind everybody  to take special precautions to keep their fury kids safe and healthy during cold weather.

In this video, staff veterinarian for Life’s Abundance, Dr. Sarah Wooten, D.V.M., devotes time to the crucial topic of cold weather dog safety.

Cold Weather Dog Safety is for All Dogs

Yes, even though spring and summer are prime periods for bringing a new pup into the family fold, there is a corps of dedicated pet parents who believe the holiday season is the perfect time to adopt a new dog.  What better way to celebrate the season of giving and caring than by embracing the responsibility of a new companion animal, right?

We’re pleased to give you Dr. Sarah’s seriously helpful tips for all of us, new and established pet parents alike.  “We’re covering some new territory on outdoor safety, as well as reissuing some practical tips from a couple of seasons ago . . . it’s our version of the best-of-the-best info” for cold weather dog safety, “with a dash of old-school puppy safety thrown in for good measure.”  Hopefully, this brief video will put your mind at ease, demonstrating just how simple it is to follow these measures on cold weather dog safety —baby pups, dogs with health issues and senior dogs alike.

Finally, here are more “Cold Weather Dog Safety ‘Tips'”, with more detailed information and alphabetized for your convenience.

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