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Happy Christmas Gifts for Pets In 2017

Christmas Gifts for Pets You Care About

What a wonderful time of the year to let your family and friends know how much you care, by remembering the special pets in their lives on Christmas day.  Select one or more of the Christmas Gifts for Pets from the list below.  You can depend on the quality because they are from Life’s Abundance.

“I have two dogs and two cats who have gotten me through tough times.  A divorce, two major career changes, the death of my parents, my new marriage, two rounds of in vitro fertilization, two miscarriages and a year-long depression, are on the list.   My pets have been by my side, crying with me, walking, cuddling and giving complete, unconditional love.   I never would have made it through all that without them.”   —Lisa Alexander

“Do you look forward to your dog meeting you at the door—mine is an 11 year-old Dachshund named “Minnow”.   He jumps, and jumps, and jumps up and down to greet me.   The only way he will stop jumping, because he loves me, is for me to turn my back on him.  Then I turn around and pick him up for a hug.  He never lets me forget, that no matter what, he loves me!”     —Keith Somers

Sleeping dog and cat need your love.

I love my pug dog, Lola, and after trying to figure out what direction to take with my business, I realized that I had to follow my dogie bliss.   I now specialize in dog photography.   It was the best move I ever made.    It probably wouldn’t have happened without Lola in my life.”   —Cheryl Colombo

I think God will have prepared everything for our perfect happiness.  If it takes my German Shepherd dog being there in Heaven, I believe he’ll be there.” Billy Graham

Life’s Abundance holiday gifts are perfect!

  • Featuring some best sellers, including new Turkey Heart Treats
  • Gifting from my store to let family and friends know I care
  • Encouraging new folks to look at Life’s Abundance products
  • Rewarding these ” small friends”for their unfailing love
  • Reminding all of us how special these pets are in our lives.

Holiday Gift Box For Dogs

Retail Value $54.00—This offer ONLY $28.95

Dogs will go wild over this assortment of baked treats, a 4-oz. bag of Tasty Rewards, irresistible new Freeze-Dried Turkey Hearts and a plush, squeaky toy. Everything is neatly bundled in a decorative gift box that will be the perfect adornment to any holiday home.  Click on the Dog Gift Image below, now.

Image of all that's included in this Dog Gift---treats, freeze-dried turkey hearts and a plush, squeaky toy.


Holiday Gift Box For Cats

Retail Value $50.00, Now Only $21.95

Pet parents will delight in indulging kitty with much-deserved, delicious Freeze-Dried Turkey Heart treats and Cat Treats for Healthy Skin & Coat. We’ve also included a full sized bottle of Wellness Food Supplements to help this lucky cat feel tip top. And an assortment of delightful toys will add some instant go power to the season. All of these goodies are packed in a festive, reusable gift box.   Click on the Cat Gift Image below, now.

Christmas Gifts for pets are packed in an attractive Christmas Box.
Several items are pictured that go into each of the boxes.

In the 20 year history of Life’s Abundance, none of the dog or cat food products have ever been recalled.   And, while you cannot buy the items in stores, you can have them shipped to your door in less than 3 days, FRESH from production!


Don’t delay, order your Christmas Gifts for Pets today!
Gift Box quantities are limited!

You can shop around in the Life’s Abundance Store while you are there.  You might find something on the list of adult products, and assorted things for both dogs and cats, including food, treats, bathing and grooming items, etc..

Before you check out, gift certificates are available.
You choose the amount, $5 – $500.


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