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Pet Insurance, Research It, Buy It!

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Pet insurance—let’s put a hold on that for a second, and first look at the total cost of having a dog for its life-time.   You will be as surprised as I was because it is much more expensive than you might think.  The following information comes from the named sources and covers a life-time of 12 years, and averaging the size of the dogs.  Why is there such a cost differential?  Because there are a multitude of variables like:  size, breed, dog source (breeder, shelter, etc.), pet insurance, necessary and unnecessary items, where you live, veterinary medical costs (can be thousands of dollars in a year), and hundreds of options and surprises.

  •    $  59,668 – Bloomburg
  •    $  18,805 – Raising Spot
  •    $  21,574 – Pet Education
  •    $  50,280 – Forbes
  •    $  10,225 – ASPCA
  •    $  31,995 – AKC

I am not sure how helpful this information is for you, other than to point out that having a dog is expensive.  But when all is said and done, the money isn’t the measure anyway, its the unconditional love that greets you at the door, and for a life-time it is well worth the cost.

Pet Insurance Budget Options, Considering Probable Costs

  •    If you can do so, pay cash for everything as it comes up;
  •    Monthly, set aside the money you would be spending on insurance premiums for use when accidents, illnesses, or other unusual emergencies pop-up;
  •    Go into debt to pay for the veterinary services—not recommended;
  •    Invest in a quality pet insurance that will keep both you and your dog health and happy!

Over the long haul, doing your homework here will save you hundreds of dollars in the years ahead.  A dacade or more ago, pet insurance may not have been a very important consideration—but today, new diagnostic tools and methods, new treatments, new surgical procedures, and new therapies are being used so that the increased scope of veterinary science may require all of us to take another look at pet insurance as a sensible option.

One final thought—increasingly many families now consider their pet a valued member of the family and will do anything to keep their dog or cat healthy and happy.  If that’s the case with you, then pet insurance might be a preferable alternative.

Pet Insurance Questions With Answers

The answers to the following questions are taken from the Life’s Abundance partner, Hartville Pet Health Insurance.  You can visit the site below for more information.

Are there caps on illnesses or incidents?
What are the exclusions, if any?
Are there levels of coverage—basic, wellness, superior?
What about neutering and spaying?
Is there coverage on prescriptions/meds?
What are the options for deductibles?
There is a low annual deductible of $100 per pet.

How and when are claims paid?
          Take your pet to any veterinarian in the US or Canada and pay for the services.  Then fill out a simple claim form andmail, fax, or email it with your receipts.  You can then track the status of your claims conveniently online at the free Member Center.

Can any veterinarian be used?
          You can use any licensed vet in the US or Canada.

Is after hours emergency available?
Is there a breed differential?
What is your policy regarding accident coverage?
How are hereditary and congenital needs covered?
Do you offer preventative coverage—is the cost lower?
Do you have a pet age limit—cost?
Are there discounts—for more than one pet?
          Save 10% on multiple pets with the Base Plan Premium
Is there a co-payment?

You may be able to protect your budget and your pet’s health, through Life’s Abundance and its partnership with Hartville, offering pet health insurance.

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